Rodney Paulette

Angelina County Commissioner PCT 1

ELECTION DAY MARCH 5 (Early voting starts Feb. 20th!)

Angelina County road representation
Angelina County road representation

Rodney will fix the roads!

Diane and Rodney Paulette

Rodney Paulette

Born and bred in Lufkin, TX, Rodney married his sweetheart, Diane, nearly 46 years ago. They have two wonderful children together.

Today, Paulette is a principal owner of one of the most successful foundries in North and South America.

Why does this successful businessman want this political job?

It is simple. Rodney wants to eliminate the graft, incompetence and conflicts of interest that have plagued this county for years.

We need Rodney as County Commissioner PCT 1 to put Angelina County on the Road to Reform.

“I was appointed as commissioner three years ago now and served 22 months.

The 22 months I was there, I learned an awful lot about how dysfunctional our county government is.

Today I’ve got an opponent. I’m not running against the opponent. I’m running against the system.

The system is a broken county government.”

Rodney Paulette in front of an Angelina County road pothole.

Rodney Renovates Roads

Voters voted overwhelmingly for a unit road system, but it’s worse than it ever has been.

And drivers are the one’s putting up with the massive potholes to prove it.

We have to get the unit road system up and running, running well, effectively, efficiently, with a lot of professionalism.

And at this point, the voters and we have not gotten what we voted for.

Paulette for families

It’s my hope that when the young people grow up, they’ll have a place to work. They’ll live in this area and raise their family here, as I did.

Quite frankly, God has been very, very good to me and my family.

I think it’s time for me to give back to the county, give back to the citizens that so many when I was young helped me.

My name is Rodney Paulette.

I’m running for Angelina County Commissioner of Precinct One.

Vote for me to put Angelina County back on the road to reform.

Rodney Paulette talking to family in Angelina County restaurant.
Rodney Paulette meeting a voter in a restaurant.

Rodney Paulette Announces His Run for Angelina County Commissioner