Rodney Paulette Issues

On the Road to Reform by electing Rodney Paulette who is running for Angelina County Commissioner Precinct One.

Infrastructure / Roads

The foundation for any growing community is a robust infrastructure.

In Angelina County it’s all about the roads.

It’s reported that 87% of our county roads are rated poor or very poor.

Good roads are vital for economic development, efficient transportation, and the safety of our citizens.

I believe our new unit road system is still lacking the experienced personnel to be properly implemented, and the drivers are the ones putting up with the massive cracks and potholes to prove it.

I will work tirelessly towards maintaining our roads more effectively. We deserve better.

Public Safety

Making sure we have adequate funding for police, fire, and public safety is crucial for maintaining law and order, responding to emergencies, and ensuring the well-being of the community.

It’s the County’s responsibility to have the necessary personnel, training and equipment to effectively carry out their duties. But there is another problem that isn’t being addressed–Our court system is broken.

Our District Attorney’s office is overwhelmed with cases that have been sitting for years. And as a result, our jail is overcrowded.

We need reform by keeping cases moving through the courts, improving case management and promoting collaboration between law enforcement, prosecutors, and community resources.


What government doesn’t like spending money?

The real questions are:

  • Where is all the money coming from?
  • And are these projects really necessary?

Our county is spending money at an alarming rate.

Expanding the county jail, remodeling a new Commissioners Court building, updating the courthouse and acquiring the Expo Center are just a few.

Some has come from government grants and forwarding unused funds from the previous year. But continuing to overspend will lead to budget deficits, and increased public debt. And, the dreaded tax note.

Effective financial management, prudent budgeting, and transparency are crucial to avoid unsustainable levels of government spending. We must get this under control.